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Enigma Scientific Publishing provides popular science ebooks and print books, journal length articles for the Journal of Atmospheric Modelling and Climate Change, and news items on climate science and astronomy.


New! Brainteaser prize competition!

This new section is a collection of brainteasers that I am putting together for my next e-book. I also anounce a little competition. Every month, I'll put a new brainteaser on my website and invite solutions to be sent to me. For each puzzle correct solutions received by email will be given a number in sequence, and a winner will be chosen at random. The prize will be a copy of one of my other e-books, but your main satisfaction will be knowing that you have produced the correct answer! See my puzzle page here.

Popular Science ebooks and print books

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spreadbetting book cover
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Spread Betting for Losers, by John Austin

Spread betting is often reported as a quick and easy path to riches. The reality is somewhat different, with 90% of day traders and 70% of longer term investors losing money. How, then, if you've previously been a loser, or if you've never tried spread betting, can you turn that around and make a significant profit? This book explains how......

E-book now published!

Published (print edition) In preparation.

Sudoku 17 book cover
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Sudoku Seventeen, by John Austin

Most newspaper and magazine sudoku puzzles have typically 23-25 poles or clues in the initial grid. Recently, however, it has been demonstrated that there must be at least 17 poles for a unique solution. Such puzzles have their own characteristics and are amenable to particular solution methods. This book is a collection of puzzles with a demonstration of how to solve them.....

Published (print edition) 12/12/2014.

World of Sudoku book cover
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World of Sudoku by John Austin

Sudoku and its variants have become an increasing form of entertainment in recent years for a large number of people. They can of course be solved by brute force trial-and-error methods.....

Published (print edition) 20/10/2014.

Measuring the world book cover More Information

Measuring the world, by John Austin

The book explains how the metric system is a superbly designed set of units which enables us to measure everything imaginable. Mass, length, time, and temperature are just the start......

Published (print edition) 5/10/2014.

Science News: Is Brexit really bad for UK science?

low level pollution

The referendum on whether the UK remains in the European Union ("Brexit") is due to take place on 23 June 2016. The debate so far has been characterised by both sides setting out extreme projections in support of their arguments. It is as if the truth is determined by who has the best lies and serves to alienate people from the political system. Regarding the effects of Brexit, several reports have emerged suggesting potential damage to UK science. The true situation, however, is more complicated. Go here for more science news articles including climate and environmental change.

Is there a Science to Trading the Financial Markets?

Spread betting account progress 1 April 2015 to 31 January 2016

Spread betting has frequently been portrayed as a way to untold riches with no effort. The reality is different. The vast majority of people who use leveraged financial products lose money and most people give up after 6 months of losses. In the past I have been no different, except that I have a dogged determination to get this right. With effort you too can make money. See my financial blog here.

Blog: What's in a number?

Weight limit The EU debate has lacked objectivity but thumbs down anyway!

Based on my blog on goodreads.com, I explore the peculiarities of numbers in (especially British) society with some additional commentary on the use of units. For example, what is the height of a bridge? The answer may surprise you! Or, unfortunately quite a common theme, why do even professional people struggle with percentages

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