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Finance Blog: Is There Any Science in Financial Trading?
Financial spread betting has potential for high gains, but why are people generally so unsuccessful at it?

Previous Months' Accounts

I traded with IG markets for many years before going to the USA in 2003. In the USA, I tried the e-mini Dow and options trading. Over time, I was systematically separated from my cash, which fortunately was supplied from a successful scientific career!

For this particular phase of my work, I have been trading since March 2015. Initially, I was trading about 10 or more times per day (i.e. 10 opening and 10 closing positions) but only the daily summaries are given here. From about 26 June, a change of strategy was needed and I have reduced my trading frequency by a factor of 4.

July turned in a healthy profit, but in August I explored too many other options and paid the price, wiping out a large part of July's gains. September and October were uneventful with modest gains of about £100 each. By then I thought that I had a steady method established. Unfortunately, November and December 2015 results disabused me of that notion as I took a loss.

In January 2016, market turmoil was horrendous and although in principle it might have been easy to take advantage, I ended up long in a falling market. By the end of the month my account had recovered somewhat, but it still left me nursing another loss. Nonetheless, the experience in the "school of hard knocks" suggests that perhaps now I have learnt my lessons.

January 2016 £265.96 loss; total -£310.01

December 2015 £117.45 loss; total -£44.05

November 2015 £307.42 loss; total +£73.40

October 2015 £86.81 gain; total +£380.82

September 2015 £123.86 gain; total +£294.01

August 2015 £360.92 loss; total +£170.15

July 2015 £573.37 gain; total +£531.07

June 2015 £0.67 loss; total -£42.30

May 2015 £51.80 loss; total -£41.63

April 2015 £64.90 gain; total +£10.17

March 2015 £54.73 loss; total -£54.73

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