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Journal of Atmospheric Modelling and Climate Change

Journal of Atmospheric Modelling and Climate Change: News

Vulnerability to Climate Change

Planting Mangrove seedlings Planting mangrove seedlings as a classroom project in Funafala, Tuvalu.
David J. Wilson and IPCC.

On Monday 31 March, the IPCC released its second report of the 5th Assessment, as described in Decoded Science here. One of the main conclusions was that few if any countries would emerge unscathed. The report reveals the vulnerability of our environment from the coasts to the mountains, and both urban and rural, rich and poor. The report is the first of its kind by the IPCC, which is intended to convey in careful but qualitative language the degree of risk associated with each environment and with each topic ranging from human health to economic growth.

US-China climate change agreement

Climate change agreement
Barack Obama and Xi Jinping at climate talks.

The reason why the recent climate change agreement between USA and China will have little impact on global CO2 amounts is explained in Decoded Science here. According to the new climate change agreement, CO2 emissions by the two countries are expected to reduce from 2030. Calculations here, suggest that by the end of the century greenhouse gas emissions will likely lead to a global temperature rise of at least 2o C by 2100 with a further 1o C committed warming in the climate system.

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