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Journal of Atmospheric Modelling and Climate Change

Journal Aim

JAMCC is a new open access scientific journal devoted to climate modelling and change. Whereas most climate science journals concentrate on scientific results, here we also recognise the contribution made by the model development community in generating the tools necessary for comprehensive climate simulation. Contributions from well-qualified authors are solicited here. The journal is funded by page charges, which support the costs of publication on the world wide web and the investment of time and energy by the Editor. For donations and advertising contact the Editor.

Free Offer and Page Charges

For an initial period only, the first 12 submitted papers will be published free of page charges (excluding dynamical content). Thereafter page charges will be as follows: for the first page,
£ 100 (approx. $160), and £ 65 (approx. $110) for each subsequent page in the final pdf form. Dynamical content (videos etc.) will be assessed at £ 0.65 (approx. $1.10) per MByte, and permissible at the discretion of the Editor. There is no additional charge for the use of colour. For an additional charge of £ 200 (approx. $320) per paper, the Editor would be pleased to do additional work to improve its grammar etc., a service which might be of interest to non-native English speakers. Please contact the Editor for more information. Since this is an open access journal, there is no charge for downloading any of the published papers. Since the journal retains copyright for all non-government works, please contact the Editor if you wish to use the material in other works.

On personal request to the Editor, up to 10% of papers will be published free of page charges. This will be considered for scientists in developing countries. Please send a justification for waiving the page charges to the Editor, but bear in mind that any request thus granted will likely lead to a delay in publication.

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