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Journal of Atmospheric Modelling and Climate Change


Hawaiian Pollution

Increases have occurred over the last 40 years in Surface ozone in Hawaii in Autumn but not in Spring. This has now been explained in terms of increased transport of polluted air from Asia due to climate variability. See the GFDL article by Lin et al.

Antarctic ice melt

The area within the square in the left of the figure shows a dense concentration of crevasses along one edge of the Pine Island Glacier. Large numbers of deep crevasses are a sign that parts of the glacier are moving rapidly, indicative of climate change. See the BBC articleby David Shukman.

Invitation to Review

If you are interested in reviewing papers for JAMCC, please contact the Editor stating your experience, expertise and the sort of papers that would be of interest to you. In due course, the journal is considering introducing an honorarium for Reviewers. Please see the Editorial Policies .

Please contact the editor if you have climate research that you would like to see here.

Journal Aim

JAMCC is a new open access scientific journal devoted to climate modelling and change. Whereas most climate science journals concentrate on scientific results, here we also recognise the contribution made by the model development community in generating the tools necessary for comprehensive climate simulation. continue

The Editor

The Editor, Dr. John Austin, has over 30 years research experience in stratospheric work and has published over 80 papers in numerous international scientific journals. In addition John Austin worked for 4 years as an Editor of the Journal of Geophysical Research. continue

Contributing Authors

Original contributions are invited from well qualified authors. The subject matter can include climate model description, parts or in full, as well as climate model results. Summary articles or comments on submitted papers are also encouraged. continue

Journal Archive

Download a prospectus of the journal and other journal documents, and view progress on submitted and published papers continue

Climate News

At the recent climate talks in Poland, the delegates ended by agreeing to produce a climate treaty for the meeting in Paris 2015. Environmental groups were disappointed about the lack of specific commitments. continue

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