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Journal of Atmospheric Modelling and Climate Change

Contributing Authors

Original contributions are invited from well qualified authors. The subject matter can include climate model description, parts or in full, as well as climate model results. Summary articles or comments on submitted papers are also encouraged. Papers should be submitted to the Editor by email and should include the following material:
(i) A cover letter (any format) outlining to the Editor and Reviewers a brief description of the purpose of the paper and why it should be published.
(ii) The paper in .pdf format, including text and figures. If the complete paper is too large to be conveyed by email, please send the text and figures separately. Additional charges may need to be imposed under these circumstances to defray the additional Editorial and publishing costs.
(iii) The names and email addresses of 4 potential reviewers.
(iv) For the accepted version of papers, only, please send in addition to the above, the electronic version of the text and the figures in separate files.

Preparation of Papers

Each submission should include the following sections: Abstract, Introduction, Model, Results, Conclusion, References and Figures. for the text use the Helvetica font, 12 point for paper submissions. Use 1.5 line spacing. The preferred language is British English: please use spellings such as (US spelling in brackets) colour (color), centre (center), modelling (modeling), parameterise (parameterize). Also, please avoid splitting infinitives ("To go boldly", not "to boldly go": remember the language roots!) References should be referred to in the text using the notation Author and Expert [2010] and in the reference list as

Author, A.N. and A.N. Expert, A very interesting paper on a most interesting topic, The Journal , 99 , 9999 - 10125, 2010.

If the figures are included within the pdf file itself, as requested, place the figure caption below the figure. Apart from these details, most formats (including other journals' formats) for submission purposes will be acceptable.

Figures should be prepared with a professional graphics package. Pay particular attention to axis labels and ensure that the axes are clearly distinguishable from the graphical material. Use bold, Helvetica for axis labels. Since the final paper will be viewed online by different browsers, colours should preferably be taken from the set of 216 browser safe colours, which ensures that the final product will view consistently on all platforms. That is, for each of the Red, Green, Blue component of the colours choose, in hexadecimal, one of the 6 values 00, 33, 66, 99, CC or FF. For reviewing purposes, use the full size of the page but include large writing on the artwork to allow reduction of figures to their final size. This is in your best interest to reduce the number of pages in the final paper!

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